Edanpower are committed to changing the way businesses and homeowners currently source their energy and communication requirements, via new greener solutions that also provide significant cost savings for businesses and residential dwellings.


Solar photovoltaic or PV for short is the method of generating electrical power from the sun. The demand for Solar PV has increases massively over recent years due to ever increasing energy prices. A PV Installation involves installing solar panels on either commercial rooftops or large ground areas.

Edan Power Commercial Solar

How PV Works

Solar cells basically convert the suns radiation into DC electricity. This is then converted into alternating current (AC) which can then be utilized into the day to day needs of powering your business.


A PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) has become one of the most common and most effective way of financing commercial solar systems. If your energy usage and roof space meets certain specs, this solution allows you to benefit from a zero upfront cost solar PV installation, financed by a PPA provider. Electricity generated by the system is then sold back to you at a lower rate than your current energy provides, saving you money on your bills.

ZERO charge and ZERO risk

No ongoing cost or qualification.

Zero Cost Maintenance

Fully insured and maintained by Edanpower partners, every system benefits from a 20-year lifetime maintenance at no cost.

The financial business benefits

Free solar systems provide reduced rates on generated electricity averaging 20% less than your current providers.

Energy rates increase with energy inflation averaging 5-10% per annum. Edanpower and partners generated electricity only increases with the Retail Price Index (RPI) which averages 3% per annum.

Going Green

Improve your businesses green credentials by lowering your carbon emissions with renewable electricity. Ever increasing carbon penalties are now in force for those that do not hit new and ever changing government CO2 emission targets, your business can avoid this and offset these costs with renewable energy.

Is the system insured?

Yes, the system is insured and there is no risk to your business.

How is it funded?

Edanpower is backed up by some of the largest financial investment groups in the United Kingdom.

Are there any disruptions to my business?

No, Edanpower's zero investment system is installed with minimal disturbance.

What’s Next?

Firstly, setup a free energy survey.

A twenty-one-year roof space lease is then signed allowing Edanpower's install partners to install free solar to your premises. Please remember this lease is linked to the roof air space only. A power purchase agreement guaranteeing lower electricity prices starts allowing you to start saving immediately after install.

If you want to own the system?


As part of our energy consultancy, we use a network of our finance partners to offer the most appropriate and tailored finance solutions that will meet your requirements. We have access to several solutions that help you enjoy the benefits of renewable energy without having to pay out a large capital sum. Although self-financing a system will always offers you the best returns over the lifespan of the system, many companies are not in a position to front Hugh upfront costs or may have budget restrictions. We can connect you with solutions that allow you to take advantage of financing from 1 to 7 year terms.


Did you know that you could be legible to offset up to £100,000 of the investment in tax via your annual investment allowance?

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