Business Electricity Prices why are they so high ???

Business electricity prices are up and down, this is due to many different factors, but there is a way Edanpower can help control your bills by auditing how much you are paying on your standing charge and Unit rate price. Edanpower understand Business Electricity prices and the terms used by Electricity suppliers, we understand also what a good price for your business needs is allowing us to essentially help you save money on your electricity costs.

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Business Gas and Electricity Switching FAQs

How do you compare business electricity prices

It can take a lot of time and effort in finding the right business electricity prices for your businesses. That’s were comparison sites and experts in the industry such as “Edan Power” come into the picture to try and take away the problem for you.

Edan Power simply takes a few details from yourself and begin the process of trying to find the right supplier for your business supply. Our experts in-house work on finding you the right solution. Rest assured that it’s our priority to get you the best deal.

We do not just look at which supplier is the cheapest we work and understand the supplier features and how they fit with your business and with what you require. These could include features to help make your life easier within a business such as online billing, good customer service and obviously having a good business relationship with yourselves to make it as easy as possible to work with yourselves.

What affect business gas and electricity prices

Business electricity and gas prices can vary depending on different variety of things such as:

  • The size of your business
  • The industry it operates in
  • It average energy consumption
  • Its location and number of sites
  • Which fuels/utilities you require
  • Your current supplier
  • The length of your contract

Its important to understand and consider all of these factors when getting quotes from either suppliers or brokers such as Edan Power. There is various aspects when you have get your prices which can be affected such as the wholesale cost of gas or electric (the price your supplier pays), hike in taxes or environmental levies, and even an increase in demand, all of these are sometimes our of both yours and suppliers control.

How to choose the best deal for your business

The two things you should look out for when looking at your quotes are standing charges and unit cost, these are similar as domestic utility costs. A standing chare is a charge no matter how much electricity you use, this is a fixed charge. Unit costs are the amount you pay for the amount of electricity that you use, charged per unit. You then also need to look at the best contract types for your business such as:

  • Fixed-term
  • Variable rate
  • Deemed rate
  • 28 day
  • Rollover

The best solution can be explained and walked through for you by our experts at Edan Power. It’s our job to ensure you understand what you are getting and what the best deal is for you. Fill out one of our simple forms for gas or electricity below to get your free quote or simply give us a call on 0121 399 0023.

Electricity Quotation Form

Gas Quotation Form

How the new government effects gas and electricity prices

With the recent general election in December 2019, we now have another 4 years of a Conservative government. The general election campaign brought up many issues to do with climate change and what the government would do to tackle climate control going forward. In the summer of 2019, it was the conservative government who outlined their planned to have zero emissions by 2050, this was further confirmed in their new government manifesto.

They have other various actions that they have outlined in their manifesto presented before they were elected into government. One of them includes putting an increased effort into wind farms to generate energy this way. They are planning to increase the productivity into this to try and aid a cheaper way to generate energy, which should in the long term filter down to business and domestic utility costs.

It is very much still early days for the government setting out new energy objectives, they are still working towards the objectives that were set I the last conservative government. Teresa May set out as mentioned above to have zero emissions by 2050, this has continued and funding has increased with this new government led by Boris Johnson to ensure that effort is made to try and achieve this. £200 million has been made available to look into the design and build of a commercially viable fusion power plant by 2040.

If you are unsure about how the new conservative government will affect your business and its energy, then get in touch and speak to one of our specialists at Edan Power. We may not always have the answer to hand but we will find the answer out for you.

Impact of Brexit on Businesses

Gas Prices after Brexit for businesses

Yes, we are going to have to talk about that subject that doesn’t seem to be out of the news, Brexit. A lot of people are concerned about the cost of utility prices when Brexit does happen, and businesses/ business owners feel the exact same.

We have assured by the government and more importantly National Grid that we need not worry. National Grid has assured us that when Brexit does finally happen then we will still be able to keep our lights on in our offices and working buildings. The UK has enough supply to keep business going for a good few years, in which time plans would be made with Europe to ensure our gas and electric supplies continue. In total 12% of the UK’s gas and 5% of the electricity comes from the EU.

The negative impact of Brexit

However, there is a negative from Brexit that will have an impact on businesses and one that should be considered at this stage, price. National Grid even though they have assured us that supply will continue, they have also told us at the same time that we should expect price rises, some of which could be much higher than expected. They expect wholesale gas and electricity prices to be higher in the UK than in Europe in early 2020. In addition, because the demand for gas and electricity is increasing year on year this is driving up the premium at the same time.

The UK must ensure that new trade deals are put into place to continue to use these interconnectors which transfer the gas and electricity supplies from the EU. These trade deals are essential to keep price increases to a minimum and something the government is working hard on doing.

How Edan Power can help

Edan Power continues to keep an eye on developments with Brexit especially in relation to price rises and changes to the utility market. It’s important for us to keep our clients updated and ensure they continue to get the best deals. We want to try and protect our clients from impacts that Brexit may have and ensure that they are prepared and ready to deal with any impact it may have. If you are concerned about the impact that Brexit may have on your business, get in touch with us at Edan Power.

How to switch your business electricity supplier

It is important to switch your business electric supplier on a regular basis, or at least when your current contract is expiring or has expired.

There are steps to take when switching business electric suppliers. Edan Power below has outlined the various steps that should be taken and how we can support you in doing this.

To switch your business electricity supplier you should:

  • Find your recent electricity contract or bill
  • Provide your details including your site address, your current supplier and the services you require to a comparison site like Edan Power
  • Start a quote and compare the best electricity deals to find the one that suits your business, factoring in any exit fees or other charges if your leave your current provider
  • We always advise you to pay off any outstanding bills before you make the switch to avoid any debit hanging over you.

We also ask for Meter Numbers which again can be found on your existing bills. MPAN is the Meter Point Administration Number for electricity, and MPRN is the Meter Point Reference Number for gas.

We work with you to try and find the best supplier.

Why switch your electricity supplier?

The most obvious reason for switching supplier is to get a better deal, but businesses often find themselves auto-renewing without them checking whether it is the best deal for them. This is great in the short term when it is done for you without using your time, but in the long run, it can cost you money and you may not get the best rate available.

If you don’t go out and get other quotes when your contract is either coming to an end or ends, then our will simply be switched onto the suppliers out of contract rates. These are normally much higher and can sometimes result in up to 50% increase in electricity prices. Electricity suppliers will not always chase you to switch or get new rates as its more beneficial to them to have you on the higher rate.

These rules don’t just apply to electricity contracts but also to gas. It is possible as a business customer for you to bundle both your gas and electricity together with one supplier to save money and make managing bills easier. This is known as a dual fuel tariff.

Edan Power helps to make all of these steps as easy as possible and find you the right supplier for your business.

Get your free business electricity quote now!

Why You Should Switch Your Electricity Business Supplier

Businesses are told by advisors, people within their business, that they should be trying to make savings where ever they can within their business. However, most businesses miss the chance to make savings on their business utilities. Electricity is one of those utilities, it is often missed and left to the bottom of the pile. However, we believe that you should switch your business electricity supplier on a regular basis. Why is it such an important aspect of any business? At Edan Power, we know how important it is for businesses in the West Midlands and UK-wide to switch your supplier, as its an opportunity to save money for your business.

Electricity is a vital part of running any business which has premises or a place to work from. Your electricity bills can be high depending on the utility supplier you are with and the tariff that you may have. Many businesses are in auto-renew contracts where each year or every few years the contracts auto-renew with their existing suppliers at either the same rate, lower rate or most of the time a higher rate. However by simply doing a price comparison or commissioning a company like ourselves, Edan Power you can find a better supplier and also a better tariff to suit your business. Just because your contract with your current supplier has an auto-renew in it does not mean you cannot look elsewhere. You are still free to try and find another supplier.

Ways that it helps to switch

  • Saves you money for your business
  • May help you find a better energy-saving solution
  • Helps you understand where in your electricity usage you may be able to make savings
  • Finds you a better supplier whom you may be able to work better with and also where you may receive better service from

Switching when your contract with your supplier is up is a great opportunity for your business and for you to get a better price. You are open to go to another supplier, and try to find a better rate and more importantly potentially a better supplier for your business.

How you can do this

We ask the question of our clients or potential leads – “If you could save money for your business with a simple quotation form and a company like Edan Power who do all the work, would you do it?” We know at Edan Power that as a business owner you do not have a lot of time to look at new business utility suppliers, to go on comparison websites to check what the best supplier may be, so we at Edan Power take the hassle away from you and do the work for you. We do all the leg work and come back to you with a list of potential new suppliers or better rates from your existing supplier.

Simply fill out our electricity quote form and wait for us to get back to you.

Business Gas and Electricity Prices

Business gas and electricity prices can vary greatly, this is down to many different factors, but you have the power to drive down the price of your bills by addressing how much you are paying on the standing charge and price per kWh. Understanding the meaning of these terms and what is a good price for both is essential to saving your business money on its electricity costs.

Standing charge

A standing charge is the cost of having the electricity supply. It is very similar to when you pay line rental on a landline telephone or a base rate charge. This rate is fixed and does not change depending on your usage or what you spend on your gas or electricity. Standing charges can cover a variety of things such as maintenance, meter charges etc.

What about zero / no-standing charge contracts?

This is when you don’t pay anything for having the electricity or gas delivered to you. You just pay for the electricity or gas you use (referred to as the unit rate or kWh).

Businesses however need to be mindful though as having a zero-standing charge as it will more than likely be that you pay more for your gas or electricity.

Price per Kilowatt Hour (kWh)

A kWh is a measurement of energy. For example, a 1000 watt product will need 1000 watts (1 kWh) of power to make it work and uses 1 kWh of energy in an hour. The kWh is sometime referred to as the unit rate.

The price of a kWh (unit) can vary depending on how much the supplier wants to charge, it can be anything from 10p and 30p.

What we at Edan Power think

It is essential for businesses to shop around for a better deal as the savings they could be making are impressive and not to be missed out on. Plus, if businesses do not shop around for a better deal, utility suppliers could carry on charging what they want for the utility as there would be no competition to help keep the prices down.

How to switch your gas supplier

Confusion around gas prices

Gas prices can be a confusing part of running your business. How do you know what is cheap and what is not? How do you know who the best supplier is to go with? It can quickly become a minefield when deciding what you should do and how you go about doing it. It is a big reason why business stick to one supplier throughout their time at a location. We at Edan Power look at how we can make it easy for you to switch suppliers and also to help you to save money on your gas. Learn how to switch your gas supplier with Edan Power.

Changing gas supplier is a vital part of any business. Ofgem have released articles detailing how to switch and also using the phrase “it pays to switch”.

An article from Ofgem outlines how important it could be for your business if you looked at switching your gas supplier whenever your contract is up for renewal. Everything Ofgem suggests can be delivered by Edan Power. We make it easy for you to switch across and make it as simple as possible to do so.

What the process involves

  • Checking when your renewal date is
  • Contacting Edan Power with the name of your current supplier and current tariff rates or names
  • Leave the rest to Edan Power

We will come back to you on new rates and tariffs based on the information provided, and a list of companies/suppliers best placed for you to renew with.

Its such an important part as it could save you £100s if not £1000s, and for businesses any money saved is money made. This in turn allows you to invest into other aspects of your business. If you learnt your business was throwing money away to a supplier or provider and you could get it cheaper, would you not change supplier/provider? It’s the same with your gas, just because it is a utility why would you ignore that aspect, if it could save you money.

Work with Edan Power today and let us take the stress out of switching and help you save money and work with a better supplier.

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Everything you need to know about water charges

No doubt water is life, and without it, life existence is impossible. Water is one of the most valuable, and needed resources on Earth. It not only covers 2/3 part of the earth’s surface but also more than half of our body mass. However, 70% of the human body is made up of water, and with this, we can estimate the importance of water.

You might be one of them who have effortless access to clean drinking water in taps. While many people around the globe even don’t have clean water to drink. So, with this, it is concluded that life is not as easy as it seems.

However, keeping in mind the importance of water, thus, it becomes crucial to find the legitimate solution for the most horrible and ever-growing water-related challenges.

So, today, we have piled up a list of critical issues that people are facing regarding water availability and consumption. Do read this article and get everything you need to know about water.

Access to safe drinking water

Do you know there are almost 663 million people around the globe who have no access to clean drinking water? Yes, 663 million people!

We even don’t realize how much wasting clean water could threaten our future and the availability of water resources.

According to a report from UNICEF data, there were 71% of people in 2015 who had access to a clean, and safe water supply. However, this is defined as water from improved sources always available when needed. While 1.3 billion population reply on essential water service. This is defined as water availability within 30 minutes of around-trip.

However, many other countries even don’t have such access. While on the other hand, there are 2% of people who depend on surface water.

According to another survey, many countries have less to no access to safely managed water just like African and Asian people. Their women walk almost 6km every day to get water and carry up to 20kg. However, the estimated total time that spends in collecting this much water is 125 million hours.

The amount of water being used

Well, it is interesting to know that in most of the developing countries 20 litres of water a day is enough for drinking, cleaning, cooking and other needs. This estimation is from WHO, while on the other hand, the same water volume can be consumed in 1 minute during a shower and it just happens!

So, that’s mean an average human uses more water in 1 minute than those people who live in Sub-Saharan Africans which use the same amount for the whole day. However, ultimately consumption patterns connect with cost and vary from country to country.

The Cost of Buying Water

While talking about the cost of buying safe water, then developed countries comparatively need to pay less amount for having water in pipes than those who live in under-developing countries. However, according to the data from WaterAid, 60% of Papua New Guinea’s population have not accessed to clean water. And if have, then the cost is 50% more than in developed countries.

In 2016, the average cost of safe water supply in developing countries was $2.61 for 50 litres while in the US it was $0.10 for the same volume. So, from there, you can conclude what the current situation of water supply around the world is.

Aside from all these water finical costs, there are also many health-related problems due to unsafe water supply which cause water-related diseases in children. And according to UNDP, almost 1000 children die every day due to poorly sanitised water.

So, please save water and consume as much as you require. Your self-indulgence can take someone life away. Be careful!

How chip and pin can increase your profit

Chip and pin systems are becoming increasingly popular. Since the Oyster card was first recovered in 2003, technological efforts have been seen in payment systems to make it easier for users to pay for their products. In 2015, we saw a presentation from Apple Pay that allows users to pay directly from a smartphone. It will be easier to pay for your products, which is handy for companies.

According to data from the British Card Association more than £2.5 billion were spent on contactless systems in the first half of 2015. It is a simple and secure way to pay low value without numerous signatures or PIN codes. Initially, the amount that could be paid for contactless systems was limited to £15 due to understandable security issues around the new technology but was more than 30 pounds.


It is clear that the area is an important growth.

The new £30 limit will open many more doors for contactless payments. With the ability to install at different types of locations. Since the average supermarket prices are only 25 pounds and comparable levels in cafés and cinemas, a whole new set of companies will see that the average spending of their customers is below the limits. With nearly seventy million contactless cards already in circulation, the potential for further growth is obvious.


With the average transaction without full contact, it is no surprise that one of the first applications of this technology were in the London Transport System. Thanks to technology, a large number of people can move the obstacles much faster than the old ticket system.

Efficient management of this immobile number of people was the great power of the contactless system and this approach can be used in any other environment where rows are collected quickly. In short, it will enable more customers to complete their purchases in less time and will ultimately result in happier users.


Chip and pin can also be used to reduce the number of paper invoices. With a record in the system, there is no need for printed receipts or exclusive matrices.

It is also possible to improve staff costs because less staff will be needed to improve the user experience.


One of the biggest concerns about chip and needle technology was the perceived vulnerability to electronic crime, but it turned out to be an extremely low level of fraud. This is paid for every hundred pounds that have been spent so far.

The encryption method or contactless cards are insignificant, with a limit of 30 pounds.


Of course, the biggest factor is the benefit or lack of contact, and the one that will generate the largest expansion, simply that the customers love it. We all like to buy the necessary things with minimal effort; so that we can enter and leave without losing time, we do not enjoy that much.

The logo is a clear statement of the intention to be open with the latest methods to improve customer service. After all, deviating from the competition and offering what the customer wants is what makes growth possible for the company. offers the best chip and pin card payment.

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