Edanpower are committed to changing the way businesses and homeowners currently source their energy and communication requirements, via new greener solutions that also provide significant cost savings for businesses and residential dwellings.


Energy Storage Solutions for Your Business

Compatible with all solar PV systems, panels and inverters, the only system ever to efficiently use 100% of the energy generated.

Simple plug and play technology enabling easy upgrade of existing equipment.

  • Cut your electricity costs. 

  • Stop the effects of spiraling energy costs.
  • Minimize your electricity usage from the grid. 

  • End your dependency on the electricity grid.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Back-up essential circuits.
Edan Power Storage


Utilises up to 100% of your solar energy.


Easy to install and expand.


You’re on when the grid is off.


Hi-tech, intelligent and expandable.

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