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What is a Water Audits?

A water audit is the first potential steps in looking at water savings and water bill rebates due to historical billing errors.

Most businesses currently in the UK continue to pay their water bills blind to the fact that reduction in water charges is a high possibility sometimes around 30% or more, and there is even a chance the business has been and is still being overcharged we have seen some of our clients get refunds of between £500 – £500,000 in the past.

Bearing this in mind is your company going to continue paying the water bills without auditing them!! We should hope not, Edanpower regardless if a single site or multiple sited business will help to collect historic Bills for your water and Audit them in order to produce a Preliminary Desktop Water Audit Report with in 7 to 10 days.

Switching Suppliers

Switching your water supplier can save your business between 10% to 20%, Most companies are now focused on water cost reduction, driven by the need to reduce expenditure and increase margins. Switching water suppliers is just the start of the water cost reduction process.

By changing water providers for your sites a substantial cost saving will be achieved. But currently this is only available in Scotland but will be rolled out across the rest of the UK in 2017 so if you are in Scotland contact Edanpower.