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5 reasons why you should invest in a Solar PV system

Solar energy describes the way we generate electricity from daylight using solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. Each solar panel contains many solar cells that can convert daylight into an electric current that is fed into an inverter. An inverter is a device that contains the necessary technology to make your generated power suitable for the mains circuit around your home. You can then use this electricity to power your home appliances and lights.

There are many benefits to investing in a solar energy system. Here we have highlighted our top 5 reasons why this would be a sensible investment to help you decide if solar energy is right for you.

1. Save money and reduce your energy bills

In 2022 the cost of power has increased dramatically not once but twice, and despite the price cap guaranteed by the government, we are still seeing unit costs more than double what they were just over 12 months ago, with no reduction in sight.
One of the major benefits of solar power is that daylight is free – so you only need to pay for your solar equipment and installation. You can then recover the cost of your investment from the electricity you generate.
Depending on the type of system you choose and other factors such as your house position in relation to the sun and the tilt of your roof, a typical installation could save you approximately £600* a year on your energy bills.

*Savings are based on a system of 14 x 325W solar panels and a 10kWh battery on a south-facing property in the West Midlands with no shading and a tilt of 40 degrees.

2. Store your power to use when you need it

Your new solar panels will generate power for your home throughout the day but what about at night or when you produce more than you need? Fitting a Solar Battery as a part of your new system will store any surplus electricity you generate ready to use at night or when your requirements are higher. Multiple batteries can be installed together to increase your storage capacity, and can be added at a later date – so you can ‘upgrade’ your system if you find you have more generated power than you can handle.

3. Using Solar Energy can help the environment

Climate Change and Global Warming are headlines we see almost daily in the news and the way we consume power in our homes has a huge impact on our own contribution to the problem. We should all be looking for ways to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) we produce and our carbon footprint.

Electricity generated from Solar panels does not produce greenhouse gas which makes it an effective way to reduce your home’s carbon footprint. Did you know that powering your home with solar energy could save around 1 tonne of CO2 every year?

Using solar energy will help the UK reach its carbon reduction goals, and in turn, help the planet by reducing the number of harmful pollutants in the air.

4. Sell your surplus electricity

As well as storing any surplus electricity you generate in a battery storage system, domestic customers can also join a feed-in tariff scheme operated by some suppliers. They will pay you an agreed rate to buy your surplus power when you don’t need it. We are seeing the tariff rates increase as the cost of wholesale energy increases, providing you with an additional way to profit from your investment.

5. Increase the value of your home

As well as the immediate savings you can make on your energy bills, another financial benefit is the positive effect a solar energy system will have on the value of your home. Installing solar panels can add up to £30,000 to the sale value of your home.
If you are thinking of selling in the future or just want to maximise your investment, a solar energy system is a great way to achieve this.

Source: Solar Power Portal

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