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How the new government effects gas and electricity prices

With the recent general election in December 2019, we now have another 4 years of a Conservative government. The general election campaign brought up many issues to do with climate change and what the government would do to tackle climate...
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new government

Impact of Brexit on Businesses

Gas Prices after Brexit for businesses Yes we are going to have to talk about that subject that doesn’t seem to be out of the news, Brexit. A lot of people are concerned about the cost of utility prices when...
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Brexit BLog

How to switch your business electricity supplier

Its important to switch your business electric supplier on a regular basis, or at least when your current contract is expiring or has expired. There are steps to take when switching business electric suppliers. Edan Power below have outlined the...
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Why You Should Switch Your Electricity Business Supplier

Businesses are told by advisors, people within their business, that they should be trying to make savings where ever they can within their business. However most businesses miss the chance to make savings on their business utilities. Electricity is one...
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Electricity Business Supplier Switch

Business Gas and Electricity Prices

Business gas and electricity prices can vary greatly, this is down to many different factors, but you have the power to drive down the price of your bills by addressing how much you are paying on the standing charge and...
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business gas and electricity prices
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