is it worth getting solar panels uk

Solar energy is the cleanest available energy. it is one of the fastest ways to reduce carbon footprint, improve environmental impact, and start saving money. But one question always comes in our mind about solar panel.

Yes!! It is worth investing in solar energy.

Approximately, you can save up to 70% on electricity bills.

According to the government survey you can recover your costs over the next 10 to 12 years so solar energy in the UK is worth it.

It also gives you increased energy independence, allowing you to protect your savings from utility rates, and protect your community from harmful pollutants.

There are lots of ways that solar panels pay off, from reducing your carbon footprint to increasing your house value. You should definitely invest in Solar PV system.

    1. It increases the value of your home
      It is one of the best way to increase the value of your home. It is dependent on below factors:Location of house – The very first factor in evaluating how much value you can gain by adding solar panels is the location of a home. The size of solar panels – The quantity of solar panels installed on your roof can increase the property value after they are installed. Average energy usage – The average-sized home in UK with a 4kW solar panel system can spend almost £7500 to £9000 on the system. It can cut your electricity bill by 50% and save up to £300 to £700 annually. The quality of solar panels – Quality of panels are also the factor of increasing home value. It depends on solar panels prices, solar panels technology, warranty, longevity, solar panels batterysolar panels inverters, and other equipment.


    1. Renewable energy
      Solar energy
       is renewable by nature, which makes it an eco-friendly source of energy. It is energy provided by the Sun in the form of solar radiation. Solar energy is the cleanest and the most abundant renewable energy source available.


    1. Low maintenance costs
      Once it is installed, it requires very low maintenance cost. It keeps running smoothly. The average life of solar panels is 25-30 year, and it does not need much maintenance in their lifespan.


    1. Solar Energy Reduces Water Pollution
      Solar energy generates clean and sustainable electricity without toxic pollution or greenhouse gas emissions. Solar energy, such as solar photovoltaic PV panels, requires neither water nor the fossil fuels to generate electricity.


    1. Long-term Savings
      The initial cost of solar panel installation is generally high, the returns on your investment keep increasing with every passing year. So, investing in solar energy means saving for the long time. You can save roughly £500 on electricity bills in each year.


  1. Eco-friendly energy
    By investing in solar energy, you can become more eco-friendly. You can make the planet a better place for the future generations, reduce your carbon footprint. People looking are at solar panels as a way of generating electricity for their homes and business.One of the main reasons we switch from conventional electricity to off-grid because it is a sustainable source of renewable energy.You can see some features of solar energy which make it eco-friendly:
    – Solar energy replaces fossil fuels, greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide emissions
    – It is cost-effective due to renewable sources and green energy
    – It has a long lifespan (25+ years) and low maintenance-cost
    – It is the better energy source.


Q1: Do solar panels increase house value UK?

Ans: Solar system can save you energy as well as it can also increase the value of your home.

Q2: Is it worth buying solar panels in the UK?

Ans: You can save up to 70% on electricity bills. According to the government survey you can recover, the next 10 to 12 years so solar energy in the UK is worth it.

Q3: How much do I get for selling electricity back to the grid UK?

Ans: The average home will make £73 per year from this scheme.

Q4: Is a 4kW solar system worth it in UK?

Ans: The Energy Saving Trust estimates that for a 4kW system installed in UK, you can expect a yearly saving of approximately £500. Another way to reduce your energy bills is to use solar batteries.

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