Home EV charger Installation in UK

Getting the right EV charger installers in the UK for homes and businesses is super important to make electric cars more popular. These experts know how to set up good and easy charging systems for electric cars, making it simple for owners to power up. Whether it’s at homes or public spots, these installers help build the country’s electric power network.

Best Home EV Charger Installers in the UK

At Edan Power, we’re all about making it super easy to charge your electric car at home. We’re the best at setting up chargers for homes and businesses in the UK. Our team knows how to make charging solutions that work great and are easy to use. Whether it’s a charger on the wall or a smart one, we’ll make your home a perfect place for your electric car. Let’s go green together and make your life electric with Edan Power, your go-to for home EV chargers all over the UK.

  • best home ev charger installation uk

    Best Home EV Charger Installer UK

    Installing ev chargers for electric cars in apartments helps people living there charge their cars easily. As cities go electric, having chargers in apartments is super important for folks who own electric cars. Our team knows how to set up these chargers in apartments, making it simple for residents. We handle all the tricky parts. When apartments have these chargers, they can attract people who care about the environment, make the property more valuable, and help make the future greener by adding more places to charge electric cars in neighborhoods.

  • best ev charger installation for business uk

    Best EV Charger for business in UK

    Commercial EV charger installation provides businesses with a valuable opportunity to support the transition to electric mobility while enhancing their services for customers and employees. As more businesses recognize the importance of sustainable transportation solutions, offering EV charging infrastructure has become a competitive advantage. Whether it’s a workplace, retail center, hotel, or public space, commercial EV charger installation caters to the growing number of electric vehicle owners seeking convenient charging options. Our specialized team ensures the installation is tailored to the unique needs of your business, from choosing the right charging stations to optimizing their placement for accessibility and visibility. By investing in commercial EV charger installation, businesses demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility, attract eco-conscious customers, and contribute to the expansion of the electric vehicle charging network.

  • apartment ev charger uk

    EV Charger installer for Apartments UK

    Apartment EV charger installation addresses the evolving needs of residents in multi-unit dwellings, providing a convenient and accessible solution for electric vehicle owners. As urban areas embrace electric mobility, the availability of charging infrastructure becomes crucial for apartment dwellers seeking sustainable transportation options. Our specialized apartment EV charger installation services ensure that residents have the convenience of charging their electric vehicles right where they live. From navigating charging station placement challenges to handling installation logistics, our expert team ensures a smooth and hassle-free process. By offering apartment EV charger installation, property managers and building owners can attract environmentally-conscious tenants, enhance property value, and contribute to a greener future by expanding the electric vehicle charging network to residential communities.

Electric vehicle charging at home and work

We supply and install electric vehicle charging points at domestic properties and commercial premises across the UK.

Our electric vehicle charge point range includes chargers compatible with all major electric vehicle makes and models.

To find out more about installing an EV charger at your property or workplace, contact our friendly, knowledgeable team.

First-class Services

Our business is built on high standards of customer service. From enquiry to installation, we keep you informed every step of the way.

Knowledgeable Team

We’re here to help. Our approved engineers undergo continuous training and we promise to never bamboozle you with technical terms.

Green Credentials

We’re on a mission to create a greener future by helping individuals and businesses to reduce emissions and their carbon footprint.

best home ev charger installation uk
best home ev charger installation uk

Benefits of Installing Electric Vehicle Charger for your home or business in UK

Installing an EV charger has many advantages for you, the environment, and even businesses. Here’s why:

Easy Charging: You can charge your electric car conveniently at home or work without going to public stations.

Save Money: Charging at home can be cheaper than using public stations, and electric cars cost less to maintain.

Faster Charging: Home chargers are often faster than public ones, especially Level 2 chargers.

Extended Range: Regular charging at home ensures your car is always fully charged, giving you more mileage and less worry about running out of power.

Property Value: Having a charger at home can increase your property’s value and appeal to future buyers or renters who have electric cars.

Environment Friendly: Electric cars produce fewer emissions, and charging them with renewable energy reduces your carbon footprint.

Support Sustainability: Installing chargers promotes the move towards cleaner transportation and less reliance on fossil fuels.

Business Benefits: For businesses, having chargers can attract environmentally conscious customers and improve their reputation.

Government Support: Some areas offer incentives or discounts for charger installation, helping offset the cost.

Growing Network: Installing public chargers helps expand the electric vehicle charging network, supporting the use of electric cars on a larger scale.

Staying Ahead: With the increasing demand for electric vehicles, having chargers shows you’re forward-thinking and keeping up with changing preferences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best EV charger in UK?
  • Hypervolt Home 3.0 – best alternative looks. …
  • waEV-Charge EV1i – best for price. …
  • Andersen A2 – best for finish options. …
  • Simpson & Partners Home 7 series
  • Pod Point Solo 3. …
  • Myenergi Zappi charger.
How much does a 7kW home charger cost?

Costs vary from brand to brand, but you can expect to pay anywhere between £600 and £1,000 for a wallbox delivering around 7kW.

How do I choose an EV charger UK?

Choosing the right EV charger is about picking what works best for you. Think about your budget, whether you want a cable attached or not, and how fast you want your car to charge. That way, you’ll find the perfect fit for your electric car!

Is a 3.6 or 7kW charger better?

I’d suggest getting a 7kW charger if possible. It charges your car’s batteries about twice as fast as a 3.5kW one, which is like using a regular home socket.

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