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Solar Panels in the UK: Empowering Clean Energy Solutions

If you’re looking for a range of solar solutions for either your home or business, You can come to Edan Power. We provide Solar Panels, Battery Storage, Solar carports, EV Charging and more for domestic and commercial requirements throughout UK.

We’ve helped many people over the years in the region to minimise their carbon footprint and reduce their reliance on the grid with our effective renewable solutions, which we provide, supply and install from start to finish.

solar panels uk
solar panels uk

Domestic Solar Panel System

At Edan Power, our goal is to make affordable renewable Solar PV energy of high quality available to everyone. As a result, we provide a straightforward pricing structure that leaves no room for unforeseen costs.

Working in Birmingham and the surrounding areas, we provide everything you need to harness the power of the sun, from high-performance Solar Panels with sleek designs, to reliable and battery storage. We will collaborate with you to design and deliver projects that meet your exact requirements, on time, and within your budget.

Commercial Solar Panel System

If you have commercial business or building and want to take advantage of solar power to support your energy consumption? Edan Power can help. We specialize in providing a complete design, installation and maintenance service for Solar PV with advanced Battery Storage solutions.

As energy prices continue to increase the returns that solar panels deliver to businesses are getting higher year on year, making solar technology one of the most popular sustainable solutions available today. We’ve helped numerous businesses make the switch to solar to help powering their premises and stuff.

solar panels uk

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Why Choose Solar Panels in the UK?

Edanpower are experienced Solar Panel Installers in the UK and the surrounding areas.

We will provide you a free quotation that we promise will be lower than any similar offer.

To rescue the earth, everyone is researching renewable energy sources and “becoming green.”

Please get in touch with us if you’d like a quote: 0121 399 0023

Trusted by thousands of clients all across the UK.

Since we started in 2010 we`ve been improving our works due to various customers wishes and proved our professional attitude through completing different challenging tasks!

Here you can look through our recent projects.

Solar Panel Installation in the UK

We offer expert advice and recommend only which green energy-saving option is best for your home and business.

Solar Panels

We use the most advanced solar panels on the demand now, generating clean power while still looking great.

Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are a great way to go green and save money, and some amazing incentives available for them.

Solar Battery

Do n’t just produce your own energy, store it!! with the latest storage options for solar batteries from Edan Power.

EV Charger

Connected with our Solar with battery options, charging your Electric Vehicle at home is a clear choice.

Survey & Installation

We take care of the project from design, survey, commisioning & all the paperwork and installation.

Home Insulation

Installing insulation will reduce heat loss, If you want to reduce your carbon emissions and keep your energy bills low.

  • Domestic Solar Panels UK

    Edan Power offer a complete turn-key solution for anyone looking to invest in a Solar PV solution. We work with you to generate the ideal solution for your home – whether you’re looking to retrogradefit a system to your living home or are looking for

  • Commerical Solar Panels UK

    Do you have a commercial business or structure and want to take advantage of solar power to support your energy consumption? We specialize in providing a complete design, installation and maintenance service for Solar with advanced Battery Storage solutions.

  • Solar Battery Storage UK

    To really get the most from your solar panel solution a hybrid system that combines your panels with a battery is our most popular result for homeowners. Adding battery storage will give another benefits and increase the effectiveness of your new Solar system.

  • EV Chargers UK

    An electric vehicle charger works in a sufficient non polluting way! leaving no smell after re-charging, and the earth with lower pollution or damage. EV Chargers are also beneficial towards any business as they provide essential business facilities and “future proof” your business.

  • scaffolding companies near me

    Scaffolding Service

    At Edanscaffolding, we are more than just a scaffolding company – we’re your trusted partner in reaching new heights. Based in the heart of Birmingham, we’ve been providing top-tier scaffolding solutions to the city and its surrounding areas for years.

We also serve other areas.

Edan Power will work with you to understand your requirements, evaluate your energy conditions and advise on the best solution for you, If you’re looking for a Solar system. Our crew evaluates all the fine details and ensures you have the system to suit you.

Are you ready to talk to our experts?

Contact Edanpower to get your Solar Panels Installation and running for seamless, expert service with a professional approach and excellent after-sale support. Our skilled staff is available to discuss your solar energy needs.

If you have any questions or would like to know your future project`s cost don`t hesitate to contact us.

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What our customers say

  • Nila Dickinson

    I’m really impressed with how well I have been looked after by Edanpower from the very beginning of my journey to it’s conclusion.

    Pierre Gassy, the technical support explained everything clearly and inspected the property to ensure the installation was viable.

    The scaffolders were efficient and cheerful, as were the roofers. They kept me informed of their actions, especially with regards to work done on the roof during installation.

    The electrician, Stuart, was superb and we are very impressed with the quality of his workmanship.

    And, finally, the administrative team consisting of Remanda and Anthony have answered my calls promptly and efficiently.

    I am very happy with my solar panels – a big thankyou to you all.

  • Manjit Chopra

    Oh, I absolutely adore my solar installation! It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for both the environment and my wallet. Let me tell you all about it!

    Firstly, I was initially motivated to go solar because I wanted to reduce my carbon footprint and do my part in combating climate change. Being able to harness the power of the sun to generate clean and renewable energy for my home just feels so rewarding. It’s like having my mini power plant right on the rooftop!

    One of the things that surprised me the most was the sheer efficiency of the solar panels. Even on cloudy days, they’re still able to produce a significant amount of electricity. It’s incredible how much energy we can harvest from the sun’s rays.

    Another major benefit of having a solar installation is the cost savings. I’ve noticed a considerable reduction in my electricity bills since going solar. Not only am I saving money, but I’m also protecting myself from the ever-increasing energy costs.

  • Paul Maher

    I had a 14 panel solar and battery system installed by Edanpower. The panels were installed quickly by two hard working guys, who worked late to get the job finished in one day. The electricians who installed the invertor and battery were very professional and did a great job, and were more than willing to answer any queries I had along the way. They returned on the second day to connect the panels and commission the system. Customer support is very good, with Anthony always willing to help over the phone with any questions I have.

  • Abee Sadasivan

    A very good company with professionalism from start to finish. Gugs came to do the survey to start with. Explained everything in detail. Was keeping in touch with each stages through installation and set up. The other people involved were Antony and Remanda who were very helpful throughout. I recommend Edan power to all who are on the lookout for solar installation.

  • Hassan Suriya

    Excellent Job completed by Edan Power for our commercial solar install. Their fitting team are a credit to the company for working tirelessly to iron out any issues as it was a challenging install. A big thank you to Gugs for managing the whole project and making sure I was happy with the system.
  • Sean Hookham

    PK is a really nice guy, from initial consultation to final install its been a good journey. We had other companies quotes and Edan are very competitive and have gone the extra mile now we have an electric car. I’m loving our solar installation, thankyou Edan Power.

  • Hilary Christmas

    EdanPower have been excellent. Professional, efficient, courteous and prompt from start to finish. And their price was competitive. Very satisfied, thank you.

  • Keith Pinder

    Good service at a very good price, done by a very professional team from pricing to design to installation and follow up to check satisfaction , would highly recommend.

  • Anthony Catlow

    Had solar and Battery installed , very good service and would recommend.

  • Peter Mulloy

    Great job, around two weeks from meeting the sales consultant to completion. Now making lots of electricity.

  • Tom Glibbery

    Fantastic service! The quote was competitive and provided in a very no-nonsense, non-sales style. I got quote from a lot of providers and virtually everyone was giving completely unrealistic generation figures but Edan provided sensible, realistic figures. The installation was carried out quickly with no mess or damage.

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