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If you’re looking to harness the power of solar energy and enhance your energy self-sufficiency, consider a Solar Panel & Battery Installer in Birmingham. These professionals are equipped with the expertise to efficiently install solar panels and integrate battery storage solutions for both residential and commercial properties. By utilizing solar panels, you can convert sunlight into clean, renewable energy, significantly reducing your reliance on traditional power sources and cutting down on utility costs.

We specialise in the design and installation of renewable energy sources such as Solar Panel, Solar Battery Storage , EV Chargers, Air Source Heat Pumps in Birmingham. Fully accredited with 12 years experience.

Solar Panels Birmingham – Green energy from all around you to power your home

Edan Power can manage your project from start to finish if you want to reap the benefits of Solar Panels, reduce your carbon footprint, and save money for the long term. We offer Solar Panels in Birmingham for any use, commercial or residential. We have helped many businesses and homeowners in installing solar panels in their buildings, providing the necessary technology to enable them to generate their own energy and reduce their reliance on the grid.

solar panels installation birmingham
solar panels installation birmingham

There are three main types of solar panels: polycrystalline, monocrystalline and amorphous. Polycrystalline panels are instantly recognizable due to their blue color and are readily available as well as cost-effective.  Monocrystalline panels are black, so they can seamlessly blend into your roof. They are used primarily in conservation zones, as well as areas of outstanding natural beauty. Amorphous panels, also called thin-film panels, are light and flexible, making them an excellent choice for roof structures that are fragile. They perform much better than the traditional panels at lower temperatures and in low light conditions.

The different types of Solar Panels in Birmingham

Combine Solar Panels with Battery Storage Installation Birmingham

Combining your solar panels with an advanced battery has now become the most popular solution we offer to homeowners.

A hybrid system from Edan Power will allow you to store your energy in the day when you are producing more than you need. In the evenings and at your peak usage times you will then have a ready source of power reducing your reliance on the grid, and the costs of buying power from your energy supplier.

solar battery installer birmingham
solar expert advice birmingham

Specialised systems tailored to your needs

There are three main sizes of solar panels – 60-cell, 72-cell or 96-cell and the number of panels required for your system will be dependant on your average energy usage in your home. Most solar panels output 250 watts to 400 watts per panel so using this estimation, it can give you an idea of how many panels you will need and the requirements for your system.

An unshaded, South facing roof is best for maximum output however an East or West facing roof would also be suitable for your system. As solar panels are classed as ‘permitted developments’, planning permission isn’t required in the majority of installations and we can advise on any circumstances that may be an exception to this.

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Why Choose Edan Power ?

Edan Power is completely committed to providing intelligent and efficient renewable energy solutions for your home or business in Birmingham. We are well-equipped to deal with all kinds of solutions, from conception to inception, with more than 12 years of industry experience between us. Utilizing the most recent technologies with integrated maintenance and monitoring, we bring an element of expertise, enthusiasm, and a sophisticated approach to green energy.

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solar panels for homes in birmingham

Domestic Solar Panel Installer Birmingham

Edan Power offer a complete turn-key solution for anyone looking to invest in a Solar PV solution. We work with you to create the ideal solution for your home – whether you are looking to retro-fit a system to yor existing home or are looking for a new-build solution.

commercial solar installers birmingham

Commerical Solar Panels Installer Birmingham

Do you have a commercial business or building and want to take advantage of solar power to support your energy consumption? We specialize in providing a complete design, installation and maintenance service for Solar with advanced Battery Storage solutions.

solar panels installers birmingham

Solar Battery Installer Birmingham

To really get the most from your solar panel solution a hybrid system that combines your panels with a battery is our most popular solution for homeowners. Adding battery storage will provide additional benefits and increase the efficiency of your new Solar system.

EV Charger Installer Birmingham

A home charger is a small, weatherproof device that attaches to the wall and either has a plug for a portable charging cable or a charging cable that is already connected. Dedicated EV chargers for your house are introduced by qualified expert installers like Edan Power.

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If you are looking for a Solar system, Edan Power will work with you to understand your needs, evaluate your energy requirements and advise on the best solution for you. Our team evaluates all the fine details and ensures you have the system to suit you. We can offer expert advice and answer any questions you may have about solar power. We are also working in below areas.

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Over the past few years, we have installed a lot of domestic and commercial Solar Panels in Birmingham. Our customers reports high levels of satisfaction with our Edanpower work and pleased to see a reduction in their electricity costs. Contact us right away if you’re interested in learning more about Solar Panel installation in Birmingham or the surrounding areas.

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