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We specialize in seamless integration of solar panels and advanced battery solutions, offering a comprehensive approach to sustainable energy. Our skilled team customizes installations to match your energy needs, ensuring efficient power generation and storage. Embrace solar power and reduce your environmental impact while gaining energy independence with our trusted solar panel installations and battery solutions in Kidderminster. Let’s work together to create a cleaner and more efficient energy future for your home or business.

Solar Panel Installers in Kidderminster – Green energy from all around you to power your home

At Edan Power, we specialise in the supply, design and installation of solar PV systems in Kidderminster and other solar energy systems such as battery storage and inverters. Solar panels, also known as photovoltaics, use the sun’s energy to convert into energy for your home.

This creates renewable energy that you can use to run the appliances in your home. There are many benefits to solar panels and we can offer specialised advice on the best solar solution for you.

Solar panels kidderminster
solar panel installers kidderminster

Why Should You Work With Edan Power?

If you are looking for installing Solar Panels in Kidderminster, look no further than Edan Power. We are your one-stop shop for solar energy products. Our highly-skilled and knowledgeable solar panel experts will walk you through the buying process from start to finish and help you choose the best solar panels for your needs. No matter the size and energy requirements of your home or business, we can help to design the right solar panel system for you.

Solar Panel Installation Rates & Costs

For domestic properties interested in reducing their energy costs, a system will typically cost between £4,000 and £8,500 – although this can vary depending on the size of your property and the type of installation you are interested in. The cost of installation is factored into the cost of the project. However, if required, installation costs can be broken down separately.

We’ve helped many people over the years in the region to minimise their carbon footprint and reduce their reliance on the grid with our effective renewable solutions, which we provide, supply and install from start to finish.

solar panels installation kidderminster

The Benefits Of Installing Solar Panels

There are many benefits of installing solar panels:

Reduce your carbon footprint – Solar energy is green renewable energy that doesn’t give off any carbon dioxide.

Low maintenance – Solar panels require very little maintenance. Once they are installed you just need to make sure they are clean, so that they work to their full potential.

Reduced bills – Solar panels help to reduce your energy bills as you require less electricity from the national grid.

Work all year round – Solar panels work all year round. The only need sunlight and not heat, meaning they even work on overcast days.

Why Choose Edan Power ?

Edan Power is completely committed to providing intelligent and efficient renewable energy solutions for your home or business in Kidderminster. We are well-equipped to deal with all kinds of solutions, from conception to inception, with more than 12 years of industry experience between us. Utilizing the most recent technologies with integrated maintenance and monitoring, we bring an element of expertise, enthusiasm, and a sophisticated approach to green energy.

Please get in touch with us if you’d like a quote: 0121 399 0023 –

Our Products

solar battery kidderminster

Battery Storage

Store your left over energy for when you most need it!

solar panels kidderminster

Solar Panels

Solar PV is the best sustainable option for your home!

ev charger installers kidderminster

EV Charging

An electric vehicle charger works in a sufficient non polluting way!

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Over the past few years, we have installed a lot of domestic and commercial Solar Panels in Kidderminster. Our customers reports high levels of satisfaction with our Edanpower work and pleased to see a reduction in their electricity costs.

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