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Embrace the power of the sun and pave the way to a greener tomorrow with Solar Panel Installers in Wolverhampton. These experts are dedicated to revolutionizing your energy consumption by harnessing the boundless potential of solar energy. By installing solar panels, you unlock a sustainable source of power that significantly reduces your reliance on traditional electricity and lowers your utility bills.

Wolverhampton’s Solar Panel Installers bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, customizing solar solutions to fit your specific needs and budget. From site assessment to panel installation and system maintenance, they manage the entire process seamlessly, ensuring you get the most out of your solar investment. Join the renewable energy movement in Wolverhampton and contribute to a cleaner, eco-friendly future for yourself and generations to come.

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Solar Panels Wolverhampton – Green energy from all around you to power your home

At Edan Power, we specialise in the supply, design and installation of solar PV systems and other solar energy systems such as battery storage and inverters. Solar panels, also known as photovoltaics, use the sun’s energy to convert into energy for your home.

This creates renewable energy that you can use to run the appliances in your home. There are many benefits to solar panels and we can offer specialised advice on the best solar solution for you.

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How do Solar Panels work?

Solar panels are made up of layers of cells made from a conducting material, often silicone. When light shines on the conducting materials that make up solar panels, a flow of electricity is generated. Energy can be generated when cloudy but more electricity is generated when the sun is stronger. This is then converted using an inverter to flow directly to your home so you can run your home and appliances, as the panels create direct current (DC) energy which is converted into alternating current (AC) electricity.

You can also opt to install a solar battery so you can store excess energy to reduce energy waste and maximise the efficiency of your system.

Specialised systems tailored to your needs

There are three main sizes of solar panels – 60-cell, 72-cell or 96-cell and the number of panels required for your system will be dependant on your average energy usage in your home. Most solar panels output 250 watts to 400 watts per panel so using this estimation, it can give you an idea of how many panels you will need and the requirements for your system.

An unshaded, South facing roof is best for maximum output however an East or West facing roof would also be suitable for your system. As solar panels are classed as ‘permitted developments’, planning permission isn’t required in the majority of installations and we can advise on any circumstances that may be an exception to this.

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Solar Panels with Battery Storage Installation Wolverhampton

Combining your solar panels with an advanced battery has now become the most popular solution we offer to homeowners.

A hybrid system from Edan Power will allow you to store your energy in the day when you are producing more than you need. In the evenings and at your peak usage times you will then have a ready source of power reducing your reliance on the grid, and the costs of buying power from your energy supplier.

We specialise in the design and installation of renewable energy sources such as Solar PV, Solar Battery Storage , EV Chargers, Air Source Heat Pumps in Wolverhampton. Fully accredited with 12 years experience.

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Solar Panels Wolverhampton

Solar Panels

Solar PV is the best sustainable option for your home!

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Battery Storage

Store your left over energy for when you most need it!

Ev Charger Installers Wolverhampton

EV Charging

An electric vehicle charger works in a sufficient non polluting way!

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