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We are a community focused company, creating long-term value for our customers and communities, with a long-standing commitment to corporate responsibility.

The provision of utilities creates a deep connection between the us and all our stakeholders that we serve.

 Muslim Women’s Council

As part of our commitment to our community we have partnered with the Muslim Women’s Council and created an online self-directed training programme that women can access to learn skills whilst at home.

The training will enable women to gain the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience to enter into ‘teleworking’ market.

Telework (working from home) has become largely adopted and accepted due to the ongoing pandemic, and offers an opportunity for those women who previously could not enter the job market due to various barriers, such as their inability to travel to a place of work due to domestic circumstances – childcare responsibility and caring for sick/disabled relatives, patriarchal-imposed traditions and gender roles, physical restrictions such as not owning a vehicle/not being able to drive in an area where there is a “public transport vacuum”, and other artificial cultural dynamics.

By doing this we can continue to address the stubborn high level of unemployment that continues amongst women of all ages and abilities across UK’s various communities.

We believe investment in women’s economic empowerment can contribute to gender equality and women’s rights, reduction of household poverty, increased investments in children’s education and health, and economic benefits for families and communities across the UK.

Programme Outline:

Women wanting to take advantage of this opportunity will require you to complete the attached form, have a valid email address and access to the internet.

They will need to be able to understand English as the current programme is delivered in English.

The programme will cover five topic areas:

  • Understanding the Customer experience
  • Customer service
  • Teleworking
  • Lead generating
  • Closing sales

Each of these areas will include an assessment and work experience. And participants will need to pass these before progressing on to the next subject area.

On successfully completing the training the participants will receive a certificate of completion and be offered an opportunity to either work as a self-employed utilities consultant for Edan Power or use the training to help them pursue other options. Those who decide to move on will receive a reference based on their work experience performance.

As part of the process if you are eligible to receive any of our products and services to better ‘green’ your home we will offer them to you, for you to decide if you want them. This is not a prerequisite of the course.

Acorns Children’s Hospice Trust is a registered charity, offering a network of palliative care and support to life-limited and life-threatened children and their families across the West Midlands region and part of South West England. Acorns has three hospices, situated in Birmingham, Walsall and Worcester as well as a community team that offer support to families in their homes. The catchment area for the Hospices comprises the counties of Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire as well as parts of Staffordshire, Shropshire, and the West Midlands.
 The Trussell Trust
The Trussell Trust is a charity that works to end the need for food banks in the UK. It supports a network of over 1,200 food bank centres to provide emergency food and compassionate, practical support to people in crisis, while campaigning for long-term change to the structural issues that lock people into poverty.

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