ECO4 Scheme Apply Form

Through 100% Government Funding we, alongside our partners are helping to improve energy efficiency across the UK by installing energy-saving measures for FREE such as the following:

Cavity wall insulation/Extraction and re-insulation
Solid wall insulation (Internal/External)
Solar Panels
Smart heating controls
Retention storage heaters (Replacement or complete installation)
Thermostatic radiator valves (TRV’s)
Air source heat pumps

To qualify for the ECO4 Scheme you will need to have a low EPC rating and be on benefits or have a combined household income of less than £31’000.

The survey and installation process will be 100% FREE to the applicant, Once the installation has been completed the property will have a 25-year guarantee put in place for the insulation.

Let’s check if we can help you with the Government backed ECO Grants.


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