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Quality solar installations are the backbone of a reliable and efficient solar energy system. These installations are not just about placing solar panels on a roof or in an open field; they encompass a meticulous process that starts with site assessment and ends with a fully operational and optimized system.

Investing in Solar Panels for your home is a brilliant idea! They harness clean and renewable energy, reduce electricity bills, and promote sustainability. With long-term cost savings, lower carbon footprint, solar panels are a smart investment for a brighter future.

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Why install solar on your home?

Find out how to drastically reduce your energy bills with free electricity directly from the sun

Unique Solar Systems

Your solar system is unique to your home, and can be installed in less than a day.

Save Up To £40,000

Savings over your panels 25-year life span could be as much as £40,000 for most homes

Flexible Payment Options

Get solar on your roof with flexible finance options spread over 10 years. Call us now to know more. 

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Save up to 70%

You can save up to 70% on your energy bills with renewable energy. The latest Solar Panels and battery storage systems can help you make huge savings for your home.

Highly Accredited

Our reputation speaks for itself, with many accreditation’s for our work and our company. With the likes of MCS, HIES and the government endorsed Trustmark .

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

With renewable energy you can make amazing savings financially, but also help reduce your carbon footprint and do your bit towards saving the planet.

Start Savings Today

Based in West Midlands, Edan Power specialises in supplying and installing solar panels, battery storage, and EV chargers for projects of all sizes. Our tailored solutions are unwavering in quality.

We offer expert advice and recommend only which green energy-saving option is best for your home and business.

Solar System Options

See below for some of the most common solar panel systems.

Solar & Battery​

Save up to 70% on bills.

Export energy via the SEG tariff.

Install in less than 1 day.

Solar Only

Save small amounts on bills.

Export energy via the SEG tariff.

Installs in half day.

Battery Only

Add a battery to your panels.

Access up to 70% savings.

Installs in half a day.

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How efficient are Solar Panels?

The latest generation of panels are around 20% efficient or more, and their efficiency decreases very slowly with age; most panels have a 20-year guarantee of 80% of their original output.

So if you purchased a 400W panel today, in 20 years’ time it will still be producing 320W, and therefore still beneficial to reducing your energy consumption.

How long do the panels last?

Because solar PV panels have no moving parts, they should last at least 30 years, and in most cases even longer.

How long does a battery last?

A modern Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is typically guaranteed to produce its rated capacity for typically 5000 to 6000 complete discharge cycles, when charged to 80% of its maximum.

By way of a quick example: if you purchased 10.4kWh of FoxESS batteries and charged them up every day to 8.32kWh (which is 80% of the maximum), then they should last you between 13 to 16 years without any performance loss. After that period, they’ll operate at reduced capacity – typically giving you 70 to 80% of their original maximum – so still very useable!

How many panels do I need & how much battery storage should I have?

We will run through our recommendations based on both your current day/night time usage, total annual usage, and expected future changes. For example, if you know you’ll be getting an electric vehicle in the next 7 months, or purchasing an air or ground sourced heat pump, then we’ll make a different recommendation than just looking at your current usage alone.

If a solar panel says 400 watts, what does that mean?

It means that when the sun is shining directly above the panel and the panel’s temperature is at around 20 degrees Celsius, then it should output 400W of power.

How do I know whether I should have battery storage or not?

In most cases it’s advisable to add battery storage at the same time as having solar panels installed, because otherwise you’ll potentially lose 50-70% of the power generated to the grid.

Are batteries safe?

Yes, modern Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are very safe.

What is the warranty on the material (Panels, Batteries, Inverter)?

In most cases, batteries and inverters will come with a 10-year warranty, and panels will come with a 20 year performance warranty. We provide all warranty information as part of your installation.

What manufacturer guarantee are there for the storage batteries?

Many companies are now providing 10-year standard manufacturer’s warranties, and in addition a performance warranty that guarantees that the battery will perform over a 10 or even 15-year period. Do ask us for specifics if that’s something we can help with.

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