Solar Panels and Battery Installation Cost Telford

The cost of installing solar panels and integrating battery storage in Telford varies based on a range of factors. Primarily, the overall cost is influenced by the size and capacity of the solar panel system, the type and quality of solar panels chosen, the capacity and technology of the battery storage, and the intricacy of the installation process. On average, a residential solar panel system in the Telford can cost between £6,000 to £12,000.

Integrating battery storage can add approximately £1,000 to £10,000 to the overall cost, depending on the capacity and features of the battery. It’s essential to consider the long-term benefits, including reduced energy bills and potential government incentives, making solar panels and battery storage a valuable investment for homeowners in Telford.

Are you interested in understanding the solar panel system cost for your Telford residence?

When considering the switch to solar energy, the initial concern is often the cost.

In the UK, the cost of solar panel systems for residential installations typically ranges from £6,000 to £12,000.

A popular choice is the 4kW solar panel system, which comes at an approximate cost of £7,500. This system size can cover about 29 square meters of your roof.

For a quick overview, refer to the table below for all the essential information.


The average cost of solar panels per kw system in UK

System Size



Space on roof

Per year savings on electricity bills

Savings on electricity bills after 25 years

3kW Solar panel system



20 m² – 22 m²



4kW Solar panel system



27 m² – 29 m²



5kW Solar panel system



30 m² – 32 m²



6kW Solar panel system



41 m² – 43 m²



Solar panel system size

Solar panel system size

It comes in various sizes. The correct size is dependent on your home and electricity consumption. The larger system has higher installation cost. 4kW is an average system for the UK houses and it will cost around £7500.

The cost of adding a battery with solar system

The cost of adding the battery with solar system is between £2,500 to £8,000.

The larger battery can store more electricity but obviously cost more. The cost of Solar battery for a three-bedroom size house is up to £4500. You can save up to approximately £250 per year and increase the amount of electricity you get to use.

The cost of adding a battery with solar system
Type of Solar panels

Type of Solar panels

The power output of solar panels is dependent on its quality and efficiency. The three main types of solar panels used for domestic purposes are polycrystalline, monocrystalline, and thin film. Polycrystalline panel has the lowest cost it can cost from £0.90 to £1 per watt.

The process of installation

One more factor that affect the cost is the installation of panels. You need to hire a professional installer to install it and find the best solar panel company. If you go with the larger system on the roof, then you can generate more electricity. The average UK houses expect to pay £7500 for generating the appropriate level of power.
The process of installation

The Labour Cost

Usually, labour cost is including the price of installing solar panels and scaffolding. It can be changed based on the location, and it can cost up to £300 to £500 for per day.

How much you can save with solar panels?

For an average-sized UK home, investing in a 4kW solar panel system typically costs between £7,500 to £9,000. With this installation, you can substantially reduce your electricity bills by approximately 50%, resulting in annual savings ranging from £300 to £700. The benefits of solar panels are manifold and extend beyond just cost savings. To delve deeper into these advantages, click here.

The actual savings derived from solar power hinge on several factors including your annual electricity consumption, the usage of appliances while your panels are active, the efficiency of the solar panel type, available funding schemes, potential income generation from solar panels, the types of electrical appliances used, and the household’s daytime energy consumption patterns. Maximizing your savings also depends on how efficiently you utilize your appliances, such as fans, washing machines, dishwashers, and more.


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What is the cost for solar installation?

Solar panels usually cost between £5,500 to for domestic installations according to Energy survey.

Does the investment of Solar panels worthy?

Approximately you save up to 70% on electricity bills.

According to the government survey you can recover in the next 25 to 30 years so solar energy in the UK is worth it.

On an average how many solar panels are used to power a house in UK?

It totally depends on the consumption of electric appliances in the house. For example, 4 people in a house can consume up to 5kw in a month.

Do we get free electricity with solar panels?

Solar panel generate energy from the natural resources depending upon the climate of the area so, if you generate more solar power, you can even sell the excess energy back to the electricity provider.

What is the lifespan of solar panel in UK?

The approximate lifespan of solar panels range between 25-30 years.

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