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Battery Storage – Fully utilise your Solar PV system day and night

To really get the most from your solar panel solution a hybrid system that combines your panels with a battery is our most popular solution for homeowners. Adding battery storage to your home will provide additional benefits and increase the efficiency of your new Solar PV system.

The Inverter – Do I need it?

A home Solar PV solution requries something called an inverter to connect your solar panels to your mains electricity system. An inverter is a key component that ensures the power from your solar panels is correctly transferred to your home, and optionally to your battery storage system if installed. For the majority of our clients we recommend a hybrid system where the same inverter is used for connecting your solar panels and battery system to the electric mains in your home.

A hybrid system from Edan Power will allow you to store your energy in the day when you are producing more than you need. In the evenings and at your peak usage times you will then have a ready source of power reducing your reliance on the grid, and the costs of buying power from your energy supplier.

Getting the right Solar solution for me

The technology behind solar systems and battery storage is making great advancements every year, driven by the high demand for renewable, clean energy as an alternative to high energy bills.

We help you to identify the best equipment for your home, taking into account your property, requirements and budget and only use market-leading brands including the SunSynk range of inverters and batteries.

How Edan Power will work for you

Our first-class service we will analyse your current usage and requirements, and ensure you are fitting the best combination of solar pv and battery system to meet your needs. We will agree with you upfront each component and ensure you are getting the right system for your property.

Following your installation we will explain each of the recommended components to you. We make sure you understand how your new system works as part of our complete installation service – as standard.

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