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We Google Earth your home, measure the roof, and then produce a precise estimate describing the number of residential solar panels, Inverter, and any other solar equipment in order to save time and money. Taking into account the savings and possible returns with a fixed installation cost.

Our solutions consider the local weather, the unique panel performance, such as low light performance, and inverter performance. In addition, it determines the distinction between panels that are built into a roof and those that are hung above a roof, as well as roof pitch, orientation, deterioration through time, and roof shade.

By creating a 3D model that includes any trees, buildings, chimneys, Velux windows, or other obstructions that can limit light and space on your roof, we can determine shading.

Advantages of solar energy

  • Due to the consistent quantity of light that the earth receives, solar energy is one of the most efficient forms of renewable energy. Solar energy is now the fastest-growing renewable energy source because to the constantly developing technologies that are currently being developed.
  • Solar PV (photovoltaic) panels have a relatively low carbon footprint that is only getting smaller as more and more of the materials used to make them are recycled.
  • The fact that you are producing and using your own energy instead of purchasing it from your source might result in a significant reduction in your electricity costs.
  • Solar panels require relatively minimal upkeep after they are installed. They are often set up at an angle, allowing rain to readily run off and wash dust and grime away. Solar panels might survive for over 25 years with no loss in effectiveness as long as you protect them from being obstructed by dirt.
  • You become less dependent on the National Grid by purchasing a solar power system. You may benefit from cheaper power all day long if you generate your own energy. Additionally, you might continue using solar energy after the sun sets if you make an investment in battery storage.
  • You’ll support a method of energy production that is more effective. Electricity loss is unavoidable when energy is transferred from power plants to your home through vast networks. Less energy is lost when your power is generated directly from your rooftop because the loss is reduced.
  • In general, solar panels are a wise investment for your house. Current energy market trends indicate that a home with solar panels may fetch a greater price in the future than one without (if appropriately marketed with an emphasis on the fuel savings and tariff payments).

Many homes in the UK have solar PV panels that produce power throughout the day. You may now utilise this energy in the nights by including a battery in the system.

It’s also reassuring to know that any current Feed-in Tariff or Smart Export Guarantee payments are unaffected by the addition of a battery to your solar PV system.

If you’re still debating whether solar PV is the best option for you, we’ve located a useful tool on the Energy Savings Trust to assist you. It provides you with estimations based on the data you supply and makes a variety of assumptions to suggest potential advantages.

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