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Advantages of Gas and Electric and how you can make full use of it


  • Hydroelectric facilities can be used for fish and other water products
  • It is more reliable than the energy of the sun and wind energy because water can be stored, and more and more. After the dam construction, electricity can be produced at a constant speed.
  • If no electricity is needed, the door can be closed, stopping the production of electricity. Water can be restored when the demand for electricity is large. Water accumulation in the lake means that energy can be stored as long as it is not necessary when water is released for electricity production.
  • The dams are designed to last for many decades and can contribute many years/decades to the production of electricity.
  • The lake that forms behind the dam can be used for water sports and recreational activities. Often large dams are already tourist attractions in their own right.


  • In most areas, natural gas can cost less than electricity to heat up your house and water you use. It can be coal or oil for the same task. By heating your home with natural gas instead of gas-free sources, it could save on average more than $ 5,700 on average 15 years after the change.
  • Natural gas is also a deregulated instrument, which means that consumers have more control over prices and paying gas. In addition to these savings, natural gas devices often have significantly lower operating costs than those who do not use gas, so you can save natural gas.
  • Natural gas also produces almost less carbon dioxide than coal and is almost half less than oil when it burns.Natural gas also emits little or no sulphur, which means it is more environmentally friendly and more efficient than other fuels.
  • When severe storms occur and the power supply is interrupted, depending on the water heater, lights and H-VAC systems operating on the current average, they are clogged to the minimum. This is not the case with natural gas.
  • One of the advantages of using a boiler for natural gas and other important appliances is that energy is supplied by an underground tube, which means that your energy source is safe for severe storms and extreme weather conditions. And because your water is heated without electricity, you do not have this comfort in emergency situations.


Natural gas is used in many ways. Although widely regarded as fuel for heating and cooking in the US Patent No. houses, natural gas knows many other ways to use energy and raw materials.

In the United States, natural gas burns as fuel. In 2012, approximately 30% of the energy consumed across the country was extracted from natural gas [1]. It is used for the production of electricity, heat,energy vehicles, hot water, baking food, heat from industrial ovens and even air conditioning.

More efficient than a combustion engine, with a yield of up to 60% for a combined natural gas cycle and more than 90% when combined heat and power heating/cooling is included. Combustion engines vary by about 20% (2 gas cycles) to 40% (diesel).

Emissions from bad contamination because it is easier to remove contaminants from a large pile than from thousands or small pipes

To change different power sources to meet the needs of society:

Safety/reliability of refusal or access to fuel,

Safety in terms of relatively constant prices and low production costs

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