Edanpower are committed to changing the way businesses and homeowners currently source their energy and communication requirements, via new greener solutions that also provide significant cost savings for businesses and residential dwellings.


Business Rates

Edan Power offer FREE business rates Audits with no upfront costs. We firmly believe we can find the best way to help you reduce your business rates legally. We understand that issues arise for small/medium sized businesses when rates that have not been correctly set or correctly charged.

At Edan Power we are business rates specialists who can help with business rates issues, reductions and reclaims. To help you with your case we work through the followings steps:

  • We  work with you to understand how your current Rates value has been calculated. This is part of our free on site and off site assessment that helps us kick start our process
  • If there are inaccuracies with your business rates, our experts quickly work these out and start the process of correcting these
  • Local councils will not contact you if your rates are not accurate so its your job to check correctly, that is where Edan Power come in, we help you check the rates have been accurately set