Edan Power excel in business electricity supply, its an area of expertise we know how to do as we save money for clients day in, day out. We have been helping UK businesses for years and years. We start at the beginning by helping new clients get started as well as helping with negotiating the renewal of clients existing electricity supply contracts.

Its important that as a business you look at ways to provide savings both in monetary terms and also energy saving, this can be done through your business electric supplier. By switching your business electric supplier when you can it can help you save your business some money. It makes sense to take your time to find the right supplier. By working with Edan Power we can help you to do this.

At Edan Power it does not just stop with us providing quotes for you, we provide advice and guidance on the contract whilst its live.

Some of the things we look into when providing a quote include:

An analysis of your electricity usage data to establish correct tariff rates.
Working very closely with suppliers allows us to take advantage of market conditions allows to lock in future savings.
Constantly monitoring of the wholesale energy market and forward curve of energy.
We work with you to find you the best deal to suit your business
Working to future proof your tariff to keep you saving going forward
We are the experts and understand what you need, but we explain things in ways that you are able to understand

For all your home and business gas, electric, water and waste.
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