Edan Power’s rates and reliable lines

Edan Power help to find the best telecoms for your business. We help to provide the best solutions for your business at the very best rates.

We at Edan Power pride ourselves on offering the best and most competitive business phone call rates available. We offer packages to suit your business requirements. Every business needs their own solution, we get this. No business is the same, whether your a small local business, or a medium national, we have a solution for you.

We strongly believe in what we offer and stats have shown that NEW customers enjoy an average reduction of 30% in comparison to their current supplier.

Worried that your number may change? Worried that you will need all need equipment? Worried about huge one off payments? Worry not with Edan Power we have it all taken care of. We can switch your suppliers by keeping your existing number, we can use the existing equipment in place and most importantly there are no huge one off payments.

To make it even easier, we offer a FREE no obligation Bill Check to help you see what you can save. So get in touch with Edan Power Today!

Line Rental and Calls

When you ask us to take over existing lines, or provide new ones we become the service provider. Edan Power offer fantastic rates on existing and new phone lines, with excellent call rates. Everything else stays the same, including the telephone number. We offer standard exchange lines, ISDN2 lines, ISDN30 lines as well as VoIP lines.

Key Benefits

  • A trusted business grade service
  • Low call rates
  • Enhanced business quality
  • Performance


Edan Power offer business class broadband services for your business. Its broadband offering gives you great value high speed internet access with industry leading speeds, performance and dedicated support.

If you sign up to Edan Power broadband chosen supplier you will receive the best support both technically and from a customers point of view. the most important aspect is that your business will receive a broadband connection at the right price that is highly competitive in the broadband industry, leaving you without a worry for your broadband.

Whatever you are looking for from your broadband, Edan Power can help. Whether you are looking for a broadband line to support 1 data point to 30, we have a solution. Whether your looking for a supplier to provide high upload and download speeds or just basic connections to send and receive emails, Edan Power should be your chosen supplier.

Most importantly, Edan Power is there for the long haul, as you grow, our plans help your business grow. We offer flexible solutions for your business. So what are you waiting for, get in contact with us today!

Key Benefits

  • A trusted business grade service
  • Competitively priced Broadband

  • Enhanced business quality
  • Performance
  • 24 x 7 Internet access
  • No proxy servers

Non Geographic Numbers

Edan Power offer a large range of 0800, 0844, 0845 numbers. You get the choice of choosing your own number and all you need is a UK landline or mobile number for the number to point to.

To make it even easier, our solutions allow you to change the number it points to as often as you like. The advantage of this is that your clients/customers can reach you whenever, wherever. If you move offices and your landline changes, the number you use goes with you, its as easy as that

Stats show that 0800 numbers have a positive impact with your business profile and also for your advertising. It allows you to get a national presence, and presents a level of professionalism.

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