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How do you compare business electricity prices

It can take a lot of time and effort in finding the right business electricity prices for your businesses. That’s were comparison sites and experts in the industry such as “Edan Power” come into the picture to try and take away the problem for you.

Edan Power simply takes a few details from yourself and begin the process of trying to find the right supplier for your business supply. Our experts in-house work on finding you the right solution. Rest assured that it’s our priority to get you the best deal.

We do not just look at which supplier is the cheapest we work and understand the supplier features and how they fit with your business and with what you require. These could include features to help make your life easier within a business such as online billing, good customer service and obviously having a good business relationship with yourselves to make it as easy as possible to work with yourselves.

What affect business gas and electricity prices

Business electricity and gas prices can vary depending on different variety of things such as:

  • The size of your business
  • The industry it operates in
  • It average energy consumption
  • Its location and number of sites
  • Which fuels/utilities you require
  • Your current supplier
  • The length of your contract

Its important to understand and consider all of these factors when getting quotes from either suppliers or brokers such as Edan Power. There is various aspects when you have get your prices which can be affected such as the wholesale cost of gas or electric (the price your supplier pays), hike in taxes or environmental levies, and even an increase in demand, all of these are sometimes our of both yours and suppliers control.

How to choose the best deal for your business

The two things you should look out for when looking at your quotes are standing charges and unit cost, these are similar as domestic utility costs. A standing chare is a charge no matter how much electricity you use, this is a fixed charge. Unit costs are the amount you pay for the amount of electricity that you use, charged per unit. You then also need to look at the best contract types for your business such as:

  • Fixed-term
  • Variable rate
  • Deemed rate
  • 28 day
  • Rollover

The best solution can be explained and walked through for you by our experts at Edan Power. It’s our job to ensure you understand what you are getting and what the best deal is for you. Fill out one of our simple forms for gas or electricity below to get your free quote or simply give us a call on 0121 399 0023.

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