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Confusion around gas prices

Gas prices can be a confusing part of running your business. How do you know what is cheap and what is not? How do you know who the best supplier is to go with? It can quickly become a minefield when deciding what you should do and how you go about doing it. It is a big reason why business stick to one supplier throughout their time at a location. We at Edan Power look at how we can make it easy for you to switch suppliers and also to help you to save money on your gas. Learn how to switch your gas supplier with Edan Power.

Changing gas supplier is a vital part of any business. Ofgem have released articles detailing how to switch and also using the phrase “it pays to switch”.

An article from Ofgem outlines how important it could be for your business if you looked at switching your gas supplier whenever your contract is up for renewal. Everything Ofgem suggests can be delivered by Edan Power. We make it easy for you to switch across and make it as simple as possible to do so.

What the process involves

  • Checking when your renewal date is
  • Contacting Edan Power with the name of your current supplier and current tariff rates or names
  • Leave the rest to Edan Power

We will come back to you on new rates and tariffs based on the information provided, and a list of companies/suppliers best placed for you to renew with.

Its such an important part as it could save you £100s if not £1000s, and for businesses any money saved is money made. This in turn allows you to invest into other aspects of your business. If you learnt your business was throwing money away to a supplier or provider and you could get it cheaper, would you not change supplier/provider? It’s the same with your gas, just because it is a utility why would you ignore that aspect, if it could save you money.

Work with Edan Power today and let us take the stress out of switching and help you save money and work with a better supplier.

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