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How water can increase your profit

Regardless of the drum of pessimism, the water industry worth 600 billion dollars has a significant number of large,profitable companies. In addition, new emerging players are technologies that will disrupt the industry and create new opportunities, according to LuxResearch, with headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. The report covers 150 companies across the value chain, representing 23% of the market, and has an average operating profit of 12.9% and it is impossible to monetise claims in water activities. Sector-oriented customer service and small-scale spending systems even better, with a 14% profit.

“To read the latest headlines in the water supply industry, it can be considered that the sector cannot move,” says Brent Giles, lead researcher and lead author of the report entitled “Making Money”.  In the water supply industry, which is part of Lux Research Water Intelligence Services?”Focus on a market that is valuable in some core principles of certain sectors, a company can build a successful business”.

There are two areas that dominate the innovative activity of the company. A quarter of the starters focus on monitoring,prognoses, and monitoring, including advanced sensors and process control. Almost a quarter focuses on the basic treatment of wastewater.

Advanced sensors are top-of-the-line monitoring technology. Advanced sensors read the analysis of the key sensitivity in real time and are suitable for the use of opaque, robust sample patterns so that they can be used as monitoring and utility water system to reduce leakage and non-filled water.

Low energy and low mud water systems the paradigm in wastewater. An important development for regular energy is the treatment of waste water with a low sludge content and low energy.

Regardless of drum or pessimism, a detailed analysis of the water sector shows a large number of advantages:

Sometimes extremely profitable – large companies.  When it is on the market, it is worth it

Certain principles of the sector, the company can build a successful business in the industry of $ 0.6 billion. In this report we have created a complete nine-part value chain that includes materials,chemicals, systems, engineering and construction and services, using detailed financial information in space. We meet the profitability of the sector with regard to their total market size and then in details for the most important companies in each sector, finding success stories for the others. We analyze the most important strategies in detail by searching for major news companies

Space next, we examine the recent start-up activity and identify trends that change the most important parts of the value chain.This report finds:

  • Companies we surveyed across the value chain, accounting for about 23 percent of that market with $ 0.62 billion, have an average operating profit of 12.9 percent and torpedo claims that it is impossible to make money in water activities,
  • Chemical products and materials,equipment and integrated systems achieve an average increase of 8% to 11% in all research companies, despite the wind for a specific sector. Public and small consumer sectors deserve a better profit of 14%. Strongly com modified engineering and engineering

Construction companies, which make up only one-third of the industry, are recorded in small numbers of one figure. Even in those sectors of the sector, the target sites reach a large margin.

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