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Why You Should Switch Your Electricity Business Supplier

| Edan Power

Businesses are told by advisors, people within their business, that they should be trying to make savings where ever they can within their business. However, most businesses miss the chance to make savings on their business utilities. Electricity is one of those utilities, it is often missed and left to the bottom of the pile. However, we believe that you should switch your business electricity supplier on a regular basis. Why is it such an important aspect of any business? At Edan Power, we know how important it is for businesses in the West Midlands and UK-wide to switch your supplier, as its an opportunity to save money for your business.

Electricity is a vital part of running any business which has premises or a place to work from. Your electricity bills can be high depending on the utility supplier you are with and the tariff that you may have. Many businesses are in auto-renew contracts where each year or every few years the contracts auto-renew with their existing suppliers at either the same rate, lower rate or most of the time a higher rate. However by simply doing a price comparison or commissioning a company like ourselves, Edan Power you can find a better supplier and also a better tariff to suit your business. Just because your contract with your current supplier has an auto-renew in it does not mean you cannot look elsewhere. You are still free to try and find another supplier.

Ways that it helps to switch

  • Saves you money for your business
  • May help you find a better energy-saving solution
  • Helps you understand where in your electricity usage you may be able to make savings
  • Finds you a better supplier whom you may be able to work better with and also where you may receive better service from

Switching when your contract with your supplier is up is a great opportunity for your business and for you to get a better price. You are open to go to another supplier, and try to find a better rate and more importantly potentially a better supplier for your business.

How you can do this

We ask the question of our clients or potential leads – “If you could save money for your business with a simple quotation form and a company like Edan Power who do all the work, would you do it?” We know at Edan Power that as a business owner you do not have a lot of time to look at new business utility suppliers, to go on comparison websites to check what the best supplier may be, so we at Edan Power take the hassle away from you and do the work for you. We do all the leg work and come back to you with a list of potential new suppliers or better rates from your existing supplier.

Simply fill out our electricity quote form and wait for us to get back to you.



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