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Edan Power is committed to helping businesses source their gas, water and electricity supplies, helping them to mitigate the risks from rising prices and find new greener solutions.

Our aim is to provide a sustainable future for the world and future generations applying bespoke and cost effective options for our clients.

Want to lower your utility costs?

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  • “Edan Power take the stress out of finding the perfect finance solution,
    they even did it the same day.”

  • “Edan Power take the stress out of finding the perfect finance solution,
    they even did it the same day.”

  • Business gas supply recently has evolved drastically over the last few years with costs increasing, putting more weight on businesses. The price of gas will continue to fluctuate dramatically, we at Edan Power are expertise in understanding these fluctuations and helping business with the right gas tariffs.

    Work with us and understand why we put your business needs first when you choose your gas supplier.

    At Edan Power we work with you step by step to find you the best gas supplier for your business.

    Step 1:
    Working with your business to understand what your current uses are, what your business requires and working out what the best solution would be. Finding out what your current solution is and what tariff you have been on.

    Step 2:
    Putting your numbers and usage to our suppliers and seeing which supplier would work for you. We don’t just pick the supplier who has the best rate, we look at who provides the best service, the greener solution and most importantly the best fit for your business.

    Step 3:
    We work with you right to the end, to get you with the best supplier. We will always be available throughout the process and even once you have signed up to your new supplier. Most importantly, when your contract is up for renewal again, we will work through the process again.

  • What is a water audit?

    A water audit is the first step in identifying whether you are due a refund as a business due to billing errors. The first steps involve looking at historical bills to see if any rebates are available.

    The reasoning for this is that most businesses currently in the UK continue to pay their water bills blind to the fact that reduction in water charges is a high possibility sometimes around 30% or more. What is even more concerning is that there is even a chance the business has been and is still being overcharged. We have seen some of our clients get refunds of between £500 – £500,000 in the past!

    Bearing this in mind is your company going to continue paying the water bills without auditing them?!? We should hope not, Edanpower regardless if its a single site or multiple sited business will help to collect historic bills for your water and audit them in order to produce a Preliminary Desktop Water Audit Report within in 7 to 10 days. From there we will be in a better position to discuss whether you are due a refund. So what are you waiting for get in touch today!

    Switching suppliers

    Switching your water supplier can save your business between 10% to 20%, Most companies are now focused on water cost reduction, driven by the need to reduce expenditure and increase margins. Switching water suppliers is just the start of the water cost reduction process.

    By changing water providers for your sites a substantial cost saving will be achieved. But currently, this is only available in Scotland but will be rolled out across the rest of the UK in 2017 so if you are in Scotland contact Edanpower.

  • Edan Power excel in business electricity supply, its an area of expertise we know how to do as we save money for clients day in, day out. We have been helping UK businesses for years and years. We start at the beginning by helping new clients get started as well as helping with negotiating the renewal of clients existing electricity supply contracts.

    Its important that as a business you look at ways to provide savings both in monetary terms and also energy saving, this can be done through your business electric supplier. By switching your business electric supplier when you can it can help you save your business some money. It makes sense to take your time to find the right supplier. By working with Edan Power we can help you to do this.

    At Edan Power it does not just stop with us providing quotes for you, we provide advice and guidance on the contract whilst its live.

    Some of the things we look into when providing a quote include:

    • An analysis of your electricity usage data to establish correct tariff rates.
    • Working very closely with suppliers allows us to take advantage of market conditions allows to lock in future savings.
    • Constantly monitoring of the wholesale energy market and forward curve of energy.
    • We work with you to find you the best deal to suit your business.
    • Working to future proof your tariff to keep you saving going forward.
    • We are the experts and understand what you need, but we explain things in ways that you are able to understand.
  • 24%

    Average savings
  • 24%

    Average savings
  • 24%

    Average savings

Edan Power have saved me a lot of money by switching my energy and water contracts. They are easy to deal with and I am very happy with their services. 

– Sophia, Tops Restaurant, Manchester

I am very happy with the energy deal Edan Power found for my business. I would urge everyone to use them.

– Mr H Ahmed, James Dhal Restaurant

Simply the best energy broker in the UK. What more do I need to say!!

– Arron Jassel, New Garden Gate Grill & Pub, Birmingham

If you are looking to save money on your energy bills then Edan Power is the place to go. The service is great, really lovely friendly people.

– Cowan, Bamboo Bar Night Clubs, Birmingham

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