How chip and pin can increase your profit

Chip and pin systems are becoming increasingly popular. Since the Oyster card was first recovered in 2003, technological efforts have been seen in payment systems to make it easier for users to pay for their products. In 2015, we saw a presentation from Apple Pay that allows users to pay directly from a smartphone. It will be easier to pay for your products, which is handy for companies.

According to data from the British Card Association more than £2.5 billion were spent on contactless systems in the first half of 2015. It is a simple and secure way to pay low value without numerous signatures or PIN codes. Initially, the amount that could be paid for contactless systems was limited to £15 due to understandable security issues around the new technology but was more than 30 pounds.


It is clear that the area is an important growth.

The new £30 limit will open many more doors for contactless payments. With the ability to install at different types of locations. Since the average supermarket prices are only 25 pounds and comparable levels in cafés and cinemas, a whole new set of companies will see that the average spending of their customers is below the limits. With nearly seventy million contactless cards already in circulation, the potential for further growth is obvious.


With the average transaction without full contact, it is no surprise that one of the first applications of this technology were in the London Transport System. Thanks to technology, a large number of people can move the obstacles much faster than the old ticket system.

Efficient management of this immobile number of people was the great power of the contactless system and this approach can be used in any other environment where rows are collected quickly. In short, it will enable more customers to complete their purchases in less time and will ultimately result in happier users.


Chip and pin can also be used to reduce the number of paper invoices. With a record in the system, there is no need for printed receipts or exclusive matrices.

It is also possible to improve staff costs because less staff will be needed to improve the user experience.


One of the biggest concerns about chip and needle technology was the perceived vulnerability to electronic crime, but it turned out to be an extremely low level of fraud. This is paid for every hundred pounds that have been spent so far.

The encryption method or contactless cards are insignificant, with a limit of 30 pounds.


Of course, the biggest factor is the benefit or lack of contact, and the one that will generate the largest expansion, simply that the customers love it. We all like to buy the necessary things with minimal effort; so that we can enter and leave without losing time, we do not enjoy that much.

The logo is a clear statement of the intention to be open with the latest methods to improve customer service. After all, deviating from the competition and offering what the customer wants is what makes growth possible for the company. offers the best chip and pin card payment.

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